About me

Caterina Amengual Morro

Environmental consultant

Welcome here. I’m Caterina Amengual, a environmental consultant enthusiastic about a more sustainable world, in all related with water.

I’ve studied environmental sciences, a Master on Landscape Desing and I did my PhD on aquatic ecology.

As a result of many years of study I realize there is too much knowledge available to find better solutions, so what we need more now is a practical answer.

I’m committed for a better water use, treatment and specially reuse, to harm less the aquatic ecosystems. This is why I do a consultant work.

I come from Mallorca, so my work is more focused in Balearic Islands, but I love to be connected with the rest of the world, starting from other Mediterranean islands, to other areas where to apply water solutions.

With more than 17 years of environmental consulting experience, I’m passionate to bring better water solutions on Mediterranean climate. I’m successful organizing working groups and I have conviction on teamwork. I enjoy teaching and communicating, and I own experience in water management workshops. Now I’m working on natural-based solutions to reclaim wastewater and also to reuse it in landscaping proposals. 

My professional activity is based on this 3 areas:

  • Project management
  • Teaching
  • Consulting